1. The Long Road


The Long Road
Copyright 2012 AJ Crawshaw

It's a long road; it's a narrow road, to get up again when you’re broken.
It’s a hard road, it's a big load, but you know it’ll all be worth it.
Don't give up on your dreams, boy,
Don’t give up on your dreams; they’re down the long road.

I've been walking down memory lane,
When I had more hope in those joyous days.
I martyred myself to others needs in my self-righteous piety.
I've been dreaming ‘bout how I dreamed so big,
Then I let it get out of my reach.
These days I hold myself down like a bruised reed.

I've been thinking ‘bout how life could be,
If I'd stop the doubt and insecurity.
Maybe, you are just like me.
Well, it's a long road; it's a narrow road, to get up again.
It’s a hard road; it's a big load. You know it will be worth it one day, worth it one day, yeah.